Watch Flint Eastwood's Video for "Glitches"

11 March 2016
Ryan Solecki

With her latest video release, “Glitches,” Flint Eastwood, displays how her heart has driven her to the point she is now. Sparring with a gentleman with the physique of a Greek God, Eastwood takes one on the chin but with Detroit resilience deep down in her bones, she bounces back.

Directors Elysia Vandenbussche and Charles Kelly through an acute lens and vision manged to capture and embody not only the essence of Flint Eastwood but that of the message relayed through "Glitches." The video portrays a common theme, in a refining way. Drawing the short straw is no strange feeling to the human species and Flint Eastwood is no different. With the recent passing of her mother, Flint Eastwood has taken her passion in correlation with her determination and procured it into a career. She is quickly turning heads by the day, and it is with a video such as this that reveal her fortitude. 

As with every music video there is a song and “Glitches,” is an absolute power house of a track. Flint Eastwood is no giant, but her voice will make you believe otherwise. Her voice, talent, and attitude are full scale in both track and video, so please take the four minutes and twenty four seconds to watch the forgotten art of music videos. Watch it above. 

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