Watch Parquet Courts Video for "Berlin Got Blurry"

2 March 2016

Parquet Courts shared the video for their brand new single, "Berlin Got Blurry," which comes from their forthcoming Rough Trade LP, Human PerformanceAnyone who knows anything about Parquet Courts will watch this video with their jaw slightly agape. It's without a doubt the best-produced Parquet Courts video released to date. "Berlin Got Blurry" is one of existential nausea, confusion, and finding oneself in a place you don't recognize. Whereas the first song to be shared, "Dust," was a minimalist treatise on social anxiety, "Berlin Got Blurry" is one of the band's most accessible songs yet, a jangly affair with a serpentine guitar lick that's as dizzying as it is memorable. The video pairs well with the song. It's beautifully shot with a matching story line and ends on a perfect note; at a place where the lonely sole seekers fill their whole with the devil's poison. 
"'Berlin Got Blurry' is a song about saying goodbye to someone from the other side of the world," says songwriter Andrew Savage, "and about feeling completely foreign to your environment; knowing you can't go home, but not knowing where you belong." Regarding the video, he continues, "I wrote the song in Berlin, so it made sense to try to recreate my experience for the video. It was shot on 16mm by the wonderful, talented and patient Claes Nordwall, who was able to take my very loose concept and make it into something really beautiful."

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