A List Of The Top 10 Indie Artists Who Play Ukulele – Share Music Love For You!

Ukuleles are a fantastic instrument. They are portable, inexpensive, and easy to learn how to use. So, it’s no surprise that they’re becoming increasingly popular in the indie sound world. Even the tenor ukulele price is surprisingly low, making the music lovers want to own one!

Indie artists who play ukuleles are often seen as hidden gems in the entertainment industry because their songs have a unique feel from the mainstream songs you hear on the radio. 

This instrument is used to create a more intimate sound that will remind you of something your grandparents might have played on the porch. Here are some of the top 10 artists who play this instrument today! Let’s discover!

Indie Artists Who Play Ukulele You May Not Know

Indie Artists Who Play Ukulele You May Not Know

We have provided some famous artists who can surprise you with their talent.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is known for creating hit songs, being involved in feuds with other musicians, and dating men subsequently written about in her songs. 

While these three things are what most casual fans think of when they hear her name, she has an incredible talent that many people don’t know about. Taylor Swift often plays ukulele during her concerts.

Ari Chi

She’s a ukulele goddess with an entire world of music in her hands. Her SoundCloud page has the catchy nickname “da ukulady.” 

The first instrument she ever owned was given as a Christmas gift, and now this Atlanta native is playing folk, soulful jams like r&b or rap mixed into sweet melodies that will leave you wanting more!

George Harrison

George Harrison

In the late 1950s, pop music became popular, and The Beatles were one of its most celebrated groups. Though they had many influences from Hawaii to Indian melodies- their guitarist fell in love with these strange tiny instruments called “ukuleles” after his first trip there! 

George Harrison would associate sweet ukulele chords with eastern sounds creating a unique style all his own that has been inspiring musicians ever since he made it back then.

Steven Tyler

As a judge on American Idol, Steven has become famous for his witty comments and passionate performances. 

He is still best-known as the lead singer of Aerosmith, but even those who don’t know him from there will likely recognize Liv Tyler’s father when you mention harmonica or ukulele performing!

Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend

Pete Townshend, The Who’s vocalist, and guitarist are some of the most influential musicians to have lived in this century. 

He has made it possible for people worldwide with his revolutionary style on guitar and is an accomplished ukulele player who can perform any song with just two instruments!

Johnny Marr

Marr is an iconic guitarist, songwriter, and singer. He was the founding member of The Smiths who helped shape U2’s sound with his guitar performing on tracks like “How Soon Is Now?”.The ukulele has always been part Marrs life.

His guitar work has been influential to the development of alternative rock music in the UK. Johnny’s signature sound can be identified by his echoplex-driven jangle-pop melodies, chiming Rickenbacker guitars and ringing double-tracked vocals. 

In 2003 he was ranked number two in the “100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time” after being ranked at #1 for several years.

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen

The Boss is one of the most famous musicians in contemporary music. He’s well known for his blue-collar anthems that have become iconic over time, with a voice specifically made for entertaining working-class people everywhere! 

He has won 20 Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, and a Tony Award for his contributions to the entertainment industry. Many people don’t know about Bruce Springsteen because he’s also tried out another instrument: the ukulele! 

This equipment was something new when this guy got introduced, but he fell head over heels just listening.

Elvis Presley

It’s hard to forget the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. All loved him for his sound, but some people just don’t know that he also appreciated other things, like Hawaii!

Elvis’ love affair with ukuleles started early on in life when he learned how to use them from watching films about Hawaiian guitarists at only ten years old.

Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper, one of pop music’s most acclaimed stars for decades, has played the ukulele since her early 20s, and it often radiates in her performances. She’ll take this instrument on stage to perform covers from old favorite songs.

Cyndi’s appearance as a judge on American Idol brought her back into the spotlight. Many people know that she is also an activist for animal rights and gay rights. She has won awards for her work with charities like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  

John Lennon

The story of how the ukulele became an international phenomenon is a funny one. It all started with George Harrison, who fell in love with this catchy but straightforward instrument while on tour back home and couldn’t stop playing it ever since!

The Beatles weren’t alone when they found these little guitars from Hawaii to soothe their souls after long days at work designing Beatle tunes. Other famous names are known to have had some affection for them too. 

Even John Lennon presented his favorites among us during recording sessions or just because he liked touching something beautiful.

Final Thoughts

We expect you have enjoyed this list of the top 10 indie artists who play ukulele. We can’t wait for all of their performances, and we’re excited that you enjoyed your time as well!

If you know any other outstanding, up-and-coming bands or musicians who also happen to be presenting this instrument, please let us know to continue adding more awesome content to our blog. Thank you for reading, and see you again in the next series.


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