Did Zayn Malik Leave One Direction When & Why

Zayn Malik, born as Zain Javadd Malik on January 12th, 1993 in England is a popular singer and songwriter who gained fame as a member of the British-Irish boy band One Direction.  

However, in 2015 he announced his departure from the group, leaving many fans heartbroken. 

The departure of a member from One Direction is shocking, especially when it’s Zayn Malik who was considered as their main attraction. 

Here’s everything you need to know about how did Zayn leave 1D, why he left 1D, and when did Zayn leave 1D? 


One Direction Album and Solo Album to Own on Vinyl

In over a decade, One Path has endured the test of time. With five sets of community launches and eight solo albums, we have a decent volume of content to list.

One Direction’s release of vinyl records (single or as a band) didn’t leave vinyl lovers with nothing. Here’s the list of all the special vinyl they’ve given to us over the years. We made it for you to see if you have received them all – or if you still need to get some to complete your album collection!


Best Bob Dylan Vinyl Albums

When gazing back at the portrait of Bob Dylan, one’s eyes are attracted to the mythical beauty of the music world’s brightest star.

He began off as a regular folk singer, armed with a pack of Woody Guthrie songs and a rag-tag guitar slung across his shoulder, however quickly enough, Dylan became an absolute musical legend, championing in his music the legends of the whole world.

It is Dylan’s willingness to share these tales, some far-flung, some tight to the bone, that have turned Dylan into a symbol today.

The truth is that certain citizens would be upset by the list. Not least because at Bob Dylan has much more than 10 great albums, in truth, we might double this and still produce twenty records we’re sure will beat any other artists’ own pile of work, but mostly because Bob Dylan linked people.

When he started to sing in the mid-sixties, he became a millennial voice, as time went by he gave first a primitive rock star perspective, later an outsider’s view, and eventually a sage-like glimpse of the past, present and future.

There’s a fair possibility that any single Bob Dylan fan will have various top ten lists and, because of that, it’s worth another look the best of Bob.

Below we do exactly that for our top ten Bob Dylan songs.


How Many of the Beatles Are Still Alive

The Beatles are undoubtedly the best-known band ever. They performed more music throughout the 20th century than one might think.

They saw world success, performed a number of shows, and are now household names decades after. However, from the height of band members’ employment, a lot of time has elapsed. Then what about the Beatles actually alive?