How Is Ynw Melly Still Making Music? – Music Career Behind Bars  

How Is Ynw Melly Still Making Music? – Music Career Behind Bars  

Despite being sentenced for two counts of first-degree murder, YNW Melly continues to make music from behind bars. How is that possible? Let’s take a look at how this artist has managed to produce his newest album, “Just A Matter Of Slime”, while facing the death penalty.  

How Is Ynw Melly Still Making Music?

The Power of Soundcloud

YNW Melly isn’t the only prison inmate to make music while incarcerated. In fact, many artists have used Soundcloud as an outlet for their music production and promotion even while in jail. This streaming service offers many advantages over traditional radio stations or record labels such as its lack of censorship, anonymity, and general ease of use. For example, you can upload any type of content to your own personal profile as long as it follows the platform’s terms and conditions.   

Soundcloud also allows users to connect with other fellow producers or singers who might be interested in collaborating on a project. With everyone having access to the same tools and features, it makes it easier for inmates to collaborate with other artists without having to risk getting caught by authorities or leaving their jail cells. Plus, there are no geographical boundaries on Soundcloud – so people from all around the world can join in on collaborations!  In this way, YNW Melly was able to collaborate with other artists while he was in prison; thus producing his new album despite physical barriers.  

Inmate Music Production Programs

The first question one might ask is how does he have access to technology? It turns out that prisons in certain states provide inmates with access to computers for educational purposes. This makes it possible for prisoners like YNW Melly to be able to check their emails, do research on legal matters, and even upload music online. Many prisons also offer recording studios where artists can record their own songs or collaborate with other inmates on projects; however, it’s unclear if YNW Melly has utilized either of these resources during his incarceration.  

In addition to using online services like Soundcloud for collaboration purposes, there are also programs specifically designed for inmate musicians who want to create new songs and albums while locked up. These programs provide inmates with instruments such as guitars or keyboards as well as production equipment such as mixers and audio interfaces that can be used for recording purposes. Furthermore, these programs often give inmates access to industry mentors who can teach them about production techniques and help guide them through their creative process. All of these resources helped YNW Melly produce his most recent album from behind bars without having access to any external help or assistance from outside sources.  

Networking & Collaboration  

Another factor that could help explain how he’s still able to produce new music is networking and collaboration. Despite being behind bars, YNW Melly still has a loyal fan base online that supports him and helps spread the word about his music. Additionally, he may also be collaborating with other artists who are willing to come into the prison or meet him for studio sessions outside of the facility. Since information about who exactly he is working with remains confidential until an album drops, no one really knows what specific collaborations could have been made while creating “Just A Matter Of Slime.”  

Making Use of His Time  

Of course, it also helps that YNW Melly has been making use of his time behind bars by studying production techniques and honing his skills at writing lyrics. He reportedly spends hours upon hours each day working on new material and refining old concepts so that they are ready for release once his time in jail ends (whenever that may be). It seems like no matter what obstacles stand between him and success, he finds a way around them and continues creating new tunes that millions around the world enjoy listening too.   

Record Labels Don’t Play Around  

It also helps that YNW Melly is signed to an established record label. Universal Music Group provides artists with support and resources needed to help them create their best work without having to worry about legal issues or financial strain; all they have to do is focus on creating great music. This kind of backing is especially important for artists like YNW Melly who are unable to attend recording sessions and promote their music in person due to being locked up.  

Legal Issues In Making Music From Prison

Legal Issues In Making Music From Prison

It should be noted that there are certain legal issues associated with making music from prison. For example, many prisoners will sign contracts with labels prior to their incarceration which state that any income generated by their music must be shared with the label upon their release from prison. Furthermore, some prisoners have had their earnings frozen pending judicial decisions or restrictions put on them by parole boards which makes collecting royalties difficult if not impossible while they remain incarcerated.  Therefore, it is important for anyone considering making music while behind bars to consult an attorney before signing any contracts or publishing any material so as not to run into any legal issues down the line.   

YNW Melly, born Jamell Maurice Demons, began writing music at the age of nine and released his first mixtape “I Am You” in 2017. He gained notoriety through SoundCloud, where he had millions of plays on his songs. In 2018, he was charged with two counts of first-degree murder after allegedly killing two members of his rap crew, Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr., who were also known by their stage names YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy.  

The Tragic Story of YNW Melly and His Crimes  

According to reports, the shootings occurred on October 26th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Police believe that YNW Melly shot both men inside the car they were traveling in before staging the scene to make it look like they had been killed elsewhere by someone else. After being arrested for the crimes, YNW Melly pleaded not guilty to both charges but was later found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole.  

YNW Melly used his platform as a musician to draw attention to these events, releasing a few tracks about the incident including “Mama Cry” which expressed remorse for what he had done and discussed how it had affected him emotionally. He also wrote a song about his trial called “Gang (First Day Out),” which many interpreted as an admission of guilt on his part. Despite this, many people have continued to support him throughout these difficult times because they see him as a product of an unfair system that disproportionately punishes young black men for their actions while overlooking those committed by white people.  


Despite facing serious legal charges that could potentially lead to life imprisonment or even the death penalty, How Is Ynw Melly Still Making Music, ưe all have an answer He uses a variety of methods, such as collaboration with other artists, the use of streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, and even recording in prison itself. His determination and resilience are admirable regardless of one’s opinion about his legal situation; although many people may disagree with what he stands accused of doing outside of music, there’s no denying that he’s still making great hits inside it!


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