Why Did Ariana And Pete Break Up? Secret Reveal!

Why Did Ariana And Pete Break Up? Secret Reveal!

Ariana Grande has been in several relationships that have been in the public eye. She is now married to Dalton Gomez, a realtor. However, Grande has a history of moving on quickly from her relationships.

Her ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson is an SNL star. They had a passionate relationship for about 5 months before breaking up in public. This got a lot of press attention because it happened very quickly. Nobody knows why they broke up so suddenly after only being together for a short amount of time.

Ari and Pete got tattoos inspired by their love for each other. They both recently broke up with their long-term partners when they started dating. Ariana was in a relationship with Mac Miller before Davidson. While Pete was in a relationship with Larry David’s daughter, Cazzie David.

But what happened to them and how it all ended up with a breakup? Let’s find out.

Why Did Ariana And Pete Break Up?

Why Did Ariana And Pete Break Up

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson had a whirlwind relationship in 2018. They got engaged quickly after they started dating. Ariana wrote a song called “I thought you into my life” for Pete.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s breakup was due to Mac Miller’s death. Pete revealed in an interview with Charlamagne that he knew his relationship with the singer/actress was over after Miller (who was in a relationship with Ariana for two years before Davidson)’s tragic death in September 2018.

Davidson was supportive, telling her he would be there for her however she needed. “I was like, ‘Listen, I get it, do whatever you’ve got to do, I’ll be here,’” he said. “I’ll be here until you don’t want me to be here.’”

Davidson has been remarkably understanding and supportive throughout Grande’s grieving process to make sure she’s doing OK. It’s clear that he cares deeply for her and is committed to helping her through this difficult time.

Pete Davidson spoke candidly about his late ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande, in a recent interview. When asked about her love for him, he said, “All I do know is that she really loved the s**t out of him (Miller). She wasn’t putting on a show or anything.” 

Mac Miller’s death was a lot for Ariana to handle. It contributed to the breakup with Pete. He later admitted that he knew how Miller’s death affected Ariana. And it impacted the relationship too.

However, that wasn’t the main reason for their up. Even though the break-up had a big impact on their relationship, Ariana later explained what caused it. She opined that their connection was progressing too quickly.

Ariana Grande said in a 2019 interview with Vogue that her relationship with Pete Davidson was “an amazing distraction.” She said that the relationship was “frivolous” and “highly unrealistic.” Ariana told the interviewer that she and her ex-boyfriend were in love, but it wasn’t serious. They didn’t know each other very well.

When did Ariana and Pete break up?

After getting together in May 2018, Ariana and Pete called it off by October 2018.

News outlets all over the world circulated headlines about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s breakup. Reportedly, sources close to the singer said that the relationship was too much too soon.

In a candid interview with Vogue in 2019, Grande called the relationship unrealistic. She said, “I met Pete, and it was an amazing distraction.”

He has criticised her choice of words, calling them unfair. He said he no longer feels like he can’t talk about their time together.


Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s relationship was one of the most talked about in 2018. They got engaged after only dating for a short time. But what led to their sudden breakup?

It’s been revealed that the main reason was because the relationship was moving too fast. Ariana Grande also said that it was “frivolous and fun and insane and highly unrealistic.” Mac Miller’s death also impacted the relationship and contributed to the breakup.


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