Why Did Jonas Brothers Break Up?

Why Did Jonas Brothers Break Up?

It was a shock to fans around the world when, in 2013, the Jonas Brothers announced they were breaking up. After years of success, why would they decide to end such a successful run? In their documentary “Chasing Happiness,” the brothers revealed their true motivations behind the split. Let’s take a look at what caused them to go their separate ways.  

The Real Reason Why Did Jonas Brothers Break Up

The Real Reason Behind the Jonas Brothers' Breakup

Different Musical Directions  

The main reason for the Jonas Brothers disbanding was because they wanted to pursue different musical directions. Joe, Kevin and Nick had all grown up and they were ready to make music that reflected their individual interests rather than what people expected from them as a group. This meant that they had different opinions on songs and musical styles, which ultimately led to disagreements between them.  

Nick went on to explore more R&B-influenced tracks while Joe pursued his solo career with DNCE and Kevin continued making country music. This divergence in sound made it difficult for them to come together and make new music as a group, so they decided it was better to go down separate paths instead of trying to force something that none of them felt passionate about anymore.  

Family First  

At the heart of it all, however, was simply the desire to be family again without any other obligations getting in between them. After spending so many years working together – first on Broadway then later on tour – they needed some time apart just to be brothers again without any obligations or expectations standing between them.  

In hindsight, this seems like one of the wiser decisions they could have made since taking some time off allowed them to heal individually before coming back together again as both friends and professional collaborators once more in 2019 for their comeback album “Happiness Begins”. 

In their documentary Chasing Happiness, Kevin, Joe, and Nick revealed that they wanted to go in separate directions for a while so that family could come first and each brother could prioritize personal growth. By creating more balance in their lives, Kevin said he knows the brothers will be “best friends” forever no matter what. True to their passionate demeanor, the Jonas Brothers emphasized that although things would be different now, it was time for this shift allow them to be individuals for a while before getting back together whenever their paths cross again. 

The brothers drifted apart as they grew apart 

The most likely explanation for the Jonas Brothers’ breakup is that they simply grew apart as brothers. As reported by E! News, Nick explained that “When you get older…you grow apart in different ways. It’s just part of life…we all kind of are growing going into different directions and it’s just part of life.” This is a common issue for many families who have careers in entertainment; success can create distance between siblings as each member pursues his or her own interests.  

For the Jonas family, this gap was further widened by their record label’s push for more mature content which drove a wedge between Kevin, Joe, and Nick’s musical tastes. As reported by Billboard, Nick revealed during an interview with Andy Cohen that he wanted to take the band in a new direction while his brothers wanted to stick with what they knew best—the bubblegum pop songs they had been performing since their Disney days. After six years together as a band, there was simply too much tension between them to continue on as one unit.  

Nick wanna go on Solo career 

While exact details of the split remain unclear, it appears that Nick Jonas was ultimately the one behind the band’s disbandment. While appearing at a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) in 2016, Joe Jonas commented that Nick put forth the concept of putting an end to the group. In a recent trailer for Amazon’s upcoming documentary on their lives, Kevin stated that Nick declared, “The Jonas Brothers should be no more”. As further corroboration of these claims, Nick himself confirmed his involvement during an appearance on The Late Late Show’s Carpool Karaoke segment back in March 2019; he said he was responsible for both the breakup and reunion. 


The story of why did jonas brothers break up is certainly an interesting one! Although we may never know exactly how difficult it must have been for them during that time period – especially considering how young they were when all this happened – what we do know is that each brother knew what he had to do in order for everyone involved (including themselves) to come out ahead eventually; namely by putting family first above everything else and giving each other room enough room pursue individual expression outside of being part of a group act. It’s wonderful seeing these siblings come back together now that everyone has had time enough time away from each other! 


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