Why Your Music Stops When You Open Facebook? 

Why Your Music Stops When You Open Facebook? 

Have you ever been listening to your favorite song on and noticed that it abruptly stops playing when you open up the Facebook app? It can be incredibly annoying and leave you feeling frustrated. You may be wondering why this happens and how to fix it. In this blog post, we’ll explore why does my music stop when i open facebook and what actions you can take to prevent it from happening in the future.  

Why Does My Music Stop When I Open Facebook?

Why Does My Music Stop When I Open Facebook

The main reason why music will stop playing when you launch Facebook is due to auto-playing videos on the platform. As soon as a video starts playing, music will be forced to stop so that the video plays without any audio interference. Additionally, if a video is about to start playing as you scroll through the newsfeed, your music may pause until it finishes loading. This can cause some variations in volume as the microphone and sound control are required by Facebook for all videos.  

The other answer is that it could be due to a conflict between your web browser and the media player. Many web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, have built-in media players that are designed to play music files stored on your computer or device. When you open up a web page that contains audio or video content, these media players will often take over and start playing the audio or video automatically. In some cases, this can cause other media players, such as iTunes or Windows Media Player, to stop playing their content.  

Another potential issue could be related to Facebook’s application programming interface (API). The API allows third-party applications like Spotify to connect with Facebook in order to share information about what songs you’re listening to. If there’s an issue with the API connection between the two services, it could cause your Spotify music to stop playing when you open up Facebook. This might be due an outdated version of either service or an issue with your internet connection.  

Finally, it could also be an issue with how your computer is configured. Certain settings can prevent certain programs from running in the background while others are active. If this setting is enabled on your computer, it will prevent any program from running in the background while another program is active — including music players like iTunes or Windows Media Player — which can cause them to stop playing as soon as you open another application like Facebook.  

How to Stop Facebook from Stopping Music 

1. Deactivate Auto Play: One of the most common causes of Facebook stopping your music is auto play. If auto play is turned on, any video or audio content will start playing automatically when it appears on the page. To prevent this from happening, go into your settings and make sure auto play is disabled.  

2. Turn off the Camera: Another common cause of Facebook stopping music is the camera feature. If you have a camera connected to your device, it can interfere with the sound coming out of your speakers or headphones. To fix this issue, try turning off the camera (or disconnecting it if possible).  

3. Disable Facebook Sound: Some users have found that disabling the sound in their Facebook app helps them get rid of this issue. To do this, open up the app and go into Settings > General > Sound and make sure it’s turned off.  

4. Close Other Running Apps: Sometimes other running apps can interfere with Facebook’s audio playback capabilities, so if you’re having trouble with this issue try closing any other apps that might be running in the background before restarting Facebook and trying again.  

5. Update Facebook: Outdated versions of apps can often cause problems like this one, so make sure you keep your version of the app up-to-date by regularly checking for updates in the App Store or Google Play Store (depending on what device you’re using).  

6. Reinstall Facebook: As a last resort, if none of these solutions seem to work for you then try uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your device – often times this can help resolve any issues that may be causing problems with audio playback on Facebook itself.  


We hope this article has helped explain Why Does My Music Stop When I Open Facebook?. By following these simple steps (disabling auto-play videos or using an extension) you should no longer experience any interruptions while listening to music! Whether you use these solutions or not, we wish all our readers a pleasant experience while browsing through their newsfeeds! 


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