9 Best Country Vinyl Albums Worth to Add to Your Collection

9 Best Country Vinyl Albums Worth to Add to Your Collection

Country music has a rich past. It can explore the passion for a truck, but can also offer a view on an awful split. So what country album is great? Which ones would you wish to own, and how valuable are they for you?

Stardust By Willie Nelson

When Willie Nelson stayed across the street from Booker T. Jones. He requested Jones to arrange Frank Sinatra’s iconic pop croon “Moonlight in Vermont.”

Willie Nelson’s rendition of “Georgia on My Mind,” “November Song,” and “On the Sunny Side of Street” pay homage to his pre-rock beginnings and his later “country-pop” style. The initial 1978 vinyl of the Steely Dan’s ‘Aja’ sounds like thunder on a summer’s day. Stardust sold over 5 million copies, recorded 540 weeks on the Billboard Charts, and in 2015 was granted entry into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

An unopened Stardust that has not been bought on a digital vinyl record shop would cost $100. I find my copy on an Austin, Texas, thrift store rack.

Waylon Jennings – Honky Tonk Heroes

The best outlaw country album will possibly be like this. It’s ten songs — mainly penned by country outlaw Billy Joe Shaver — about romancing women out of saloons, the pain and weariness of the traveling life, and hanging out in Mexico for no cause at all.

Jennings famously had to battle his label to want them to issue this, and then it was a success with non-country fans — it famously received a glowing review in Rolling Stone — and propelled Jennings into a more fulfilling career than he has been established to have. He opened up the gates for the majority of famous “outlaw” artists to come behind.

Willie Nelson – Red Headed Stranger

After a few years of publishing albums that became more popular for other individuals, Willie Nelson signed a deal with Columbia Records in the early 1970s giving him complete artistic freedom.

He replied with the greatest albums of the career: Red Headed Stranger, a sparsely assembled concept album focused on a song he used to perform on his old radio program, is one of the best of those.

Nobody writes better love songs than Willie, and this one has a few doozies, especially “Can I Sleep In Your Arms.” Outlaws need love too.

Johnny Cash – At Folsom Prison

Johnny Cash is widely recognized for his outlaw country style and his live recording at Folsom Prison is a historical revolution in country music. One of Cash’s most popular recordings, “Folsom Prison Blues,” was made at Folsom prison and published by Columbia Archives.

This song founded his musical fame due to its raw precision and humanitarian acknowledgement of the United States’ widely neglected prison population.

Cash’s career was revitalized and has now been re-released on vinyl in a limited version containing a hand written note about the artistic influence behind “Folsom Prison Blues.” The trademarked cover picture of Cash’s face soaked with sweat would be a collectible masterpiece.

Wanted! The Outlaws

Putting a compilation of other artists here may seem like cheating, but this album was more responsible for solidifying the sound of the group and the outlaw country concept. Featuring music by Waylon, Willie, Jessi and Tompall Glaser, and a Tompall and The Glaser Brothers outlaw artist.

It was the very first country album to become certified platinum, when those from outside of the country bought into the outlaw concept and complete kit. However, the Waylon and Jessi duet on “Suspicious Minds” renders it a necessary buy.

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The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

As if it were not enough to buy a vinyl copy of his sixth album, then the included song list would make you want to buy the vinyl copy as well. “The Gambler” also sounds good, considering the fact that it was issued on analog vinyl.

You’ll want to show off the artwork on the cover whenever you show this off to others. Most retailers, thrift shops, as well as other second-hand sellers hold stock of the initial pressing owing to its considerable recent success.

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Tanya Tucker – TNT

Tanya Tucker was among the top country stars by the time she hit her 9th record. Instead of appealing to the center of the world, she went maximum rock on TNT. It also sounds close to outlaw country because it sounds like Tucker is taking the helm of her career and producing the record she needs to make. “Texas (When I Die)” should be the next album that Texas should be linked.

Quarter Moon And A Ten Cent Town By Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris is the queen of folk and country songs. Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town is one of the greatest songs to listen to in a number of circumstances whether calming down after a hard day, poor break-up, or nostalgic journey down memory lane.

Harris’ insightful prose raises her genuine voice and touches the heart. “Two More Bottles of Wine” was directed by Brian Ahern, and “Easy from Now On” was rendered by Brian Ahern. Vinyl versions of Neil Young’s critical album are still reasonably easy to purchase, as its the re-release of its 2017 re-issue.

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Johnny Cash: American Recordings

Yeah, Johnny made some awesome albums in the ’60s — such as Blood on the Drums — but I will contend he didn’t really quite loving and go, full rogue, until he began his American Releases. The records sound like a renegade who wrote his own headstone.


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