One Direction Album and Solo Album to Own on Vinyl

One Direction Album and Solo Album to Own on Vinyl

In over a decade, One Path has endured the test of time. With five sets of community launches and eight solo albums, we have a decent volume of content to list.

One Direction’s release of vinyl records (single or as a band) didn’t leave vinyl lovers with nothing. Here’s the list of all the special vinyl they’ve given to us over the years. We made it for you to see if you have received them all – or if you still need to get some to complete your album collection!

Best One Direction Vinyl Album to Own

Midnight Memories

Midnight Memories is One Direction’s third studio album, released in 2013 by Columbia Records, Syco Music, and Sony Music. The album was notable for its “slightly rockier tone” sound than the band’s previous work.

The album was the fastest-selling album on Amazon UK’s Charts, edging out the previous milestone held by One Direction’s previous debut (2012). One Direction’s debut album hit number 1 on the US Billboard 200, making 1D the first band in history to debut at top one on their first three songs.

Despite being issued almost five weeks before the end of the year, Midnight Memories eventually became the best-selling album of 2013. The album was followed by the publication of “Best Song Ever” “Story of My Life” “Midnight Memories” and “You & I”.

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Best One Direction’s Members’ Vinyl Album to Own


Mind of Mine is the new solo album by Zayn, released on March 25, 2016 on RCA Records. The album combines elements from a broad range of styles, encompassing punk, folk, disco, soul, funk, industrial, Qawwali, hip hop, reggae, classical and soft rock genres, among others.

The album features three songs, which are “Pillowtalk” (which launched at number one), “Like I Would” and “Wrong”, which features Kehlani, as the third song. Kehlani is the only featured artist on the album.

The launching of the album validates Zayn’s exit from One Direction one year prior.

Malik has received mostly favorable feedback for his latest artistic style and how good he performs. Mind of Mine hit number 1 in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Sweden, being the first British male artist to do so with a debut album and a debut song.


Harry has not only one, but three separate vinyl for his self-titled record. Next, is the exclusive colored vinyl. I have a copy of the application, so I don’t even play it. This definition is so stunning to really see.

Secondly, he even had a pink item that was only supposed to be worn in his shop for only 24 hours. There is only one Sign Of The Times single visible, with Two Ghosts on the B side. These shirts were distributed on the tour and are a small supply.

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Following his #1 debut single Flicker, Niall will be launching his latest EP Mirrors specifically for Record Stores nationwide on April 19. The four-track promotional vinyl includes the title track “Mirrors” and “On My Own” from Flicker deluxe, which Entertainment Weekly highlights as “a compilation of easy, feel really good soft rock with traces of genres new and old.”

The American Music Award Best New Artist nominee has also chosen recent track “On The Loose,” a breezy, pop-rock groove, as well as Platinum smash “Slow Hands,” the meatier melody with a stomp-laden rhythm that won Horan his first No. 1 on the Pop Songs chart.


Next up is Liam; he is the most current to contribute. He is launching 4 exclusive vinyl versions! He has a pink top, a brown shirt, and a clear shirt. As long as you can’t get enough of his face, you can buy a picture disc (CD) containing the exact photo.

In addition to the several exclusive releases, there are also black vinyl singles, CDs, and deluxe albums. Except not. The CDs… So Many Stuff To Collected.


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