What Happened to Gotye? What is He Doing Now?

What Happened to Gotye? What is He Doing Now?

Wouter “Wally” De Backer, best known by his stage name Gotye, is a Belgian-Australian multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. The hit song “Somebody That I Used to Know” brought him international attention in 2011.

The music video for the single has more than 1.5 billion views on YouTube. Since then, Gotye has released two more albums, “Making Mirrors” in 2012 and “mixedANCHOR” in 2014. He has also won multiple Grammy Awards, including Best Alternative Music Album for “Making Mirrors” and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Somebody That I Used to Know.”

However, he has not released any new music since 2014 and seems to have retired from the music industry altogether. So what happened to Gotye, what is he doing now? Let’s find out!

What happened to Gotye? Is he stop making music?

What happened to Gotye? Is he stop making music

No he is not. If you’re wondering where Gotye went, he’s still making music, but now under a different name.

In 2014, the artist launched a newsletter stating that he had established a new record label with Tim Sheil. But what really caught people’s attention was the fact that his solo music career appeared to be coming to an end. “There will be no more Gotye music,” he declared in the letter. However, he later acknowledged, “Maybe there will be.” He is undecided yet. There are several possibilities out there, and they’re all uncertain.

The artist said that he is retiring his international persona because he has other projects in the works. These include a new Australian-based record label, Spirit Level, and music with his other band.

Some fans speculated that the decision was due to creative differences or simply because he wanted to focus on other projects. Others theorized that Gotye was burned out from touring and promoting after the massive success of his album Making Mirrors. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Gotye is at a crossroads in his career. Only time will tell which path he’ll choose to take next.

Even though Gotye stopped performing under his stage name, he is still very active. He works with a band called The Basics. The band has toured internationally in the past, performing in the United States.

They has almost 40,000 monthly Spotify listeners and has released a number of albums since 2003. In April 2021, the band announced its retirement from performing, but it will continue to record new albums.

So Gotye fans can rest assured that the artist is still making music, even if he’s not performing live anymore.

Where is Gotye now?

Where is Gotye now

In recent years, Gotye has increasingly stepped away from the limelight and focused on other projects. After the death of musical pioneer Jean-Jacques Perrey in 2016, Gotye decided to pay homage to his work by creating the Ondioline Orchestra.

The orchestra is named after the musical instrument created by Jean-Jacques. This instrument makes synthetic sounds that have transformed pop and alternative music. Gotye uses this orchestra to keep the memory of his mentor alive.

The group sometimes performs live and they choose carefully which songs to play from Jean-Jacques’ work. They also play some rare pieces that haven’t been performed in a long time.

In addition to his work with the orchestra, Gotye has also been sharing other projects with his followers on Twitter. Although he is no longer making music under his world-famous stage name, it is clear that Gotye is still pursuing his passion for creativity and innovation.

Although the artist has been rumored to be working on the next studio album, there have been no confirmed reports in recent years. It appears that he is currently content with his other pursuits.

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