HeadCount Continues to Inform and Register Voters Using the Power of Music

HeadCount, one of our long time standing favorite organizations, recently unveiled a schedule of over 300 concert events in 80+ cities that will host voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives before Election Day on November 8th.

Further more, the non-partisan voter registration organization HeadCount also announced that hundreds of musicians will help roll out “HelloVote,” a new technology that allows anyone to register to vote via text message or Facebook Messenger.

More than 200 musicians including Wilco, Panic! At the Disco, Jack Johnson, Killer Mike, Ani DiFranco, Lil Dicky, The Indigo Girls, Michael Franti and members of The Grateful Dead will make social media posts next Tuesday, September 27th in support of National Voter Registration Day. 

Artist posts will direct their followers to register to vote by texting “COUNT” to 348-387 or to access the technology at HeadCount.org/RegistertoVote.

“We’ve known for many years that music is the best way to reach Millennials and unregistered voters,” said Andy Bernstein, HeadCount’s executive director. “We also know that text message is how young people prefer to communicate, so this brings all of that together.”
The groundbreaking HelloVote mobile voter registration technology was developed by Fight for the Future, a nonpartisan non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and expanding the Internet’s transformative power.

It is the first tool that allows voters to register over text message or Facebook, in just a minute. It is also integrated with 20 different states’ online voter registration platform, making it the only technology that allows for true online voter registration in a variety of states.
HelloVote uses SMS and chat bot technology to enable voters to register on Facebook Messenger or on any cell phone or tablet, even a flip phone. A full 96% of Americans have a cell phone, which means nearly every American can use HelloVote to register. 

This year approximately 15.5 million Americans age 21 or under are eligible to vote in their first presidential election. And for the first time ever, more Millennials (age 18 to 34) will be eligible to vote than Baby Boomers (age 51 to 69).  Still, in a review of the 2012 Presidential election, the US Census Bureau reported that 12.7 million of 18-24-year-olds were not registered to vote, and only 46% of those eligible cast ballots.
Since HeadCount’s inception in 2004, the organization has worked with musicians and the music industry to increase youth participation in democracy. With over 15,000 volunteers nationwide organizing an activity at over 1,000 concerts, festivals and community events each election year, HeadCount has helped register nearly 400,000 new voters. 

Look for additional HeadCount announcements surrounding National Voter Registration Day (Sept 27), the start of early voting, and of course, Election Day.


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