Sound & Silence Live // FlowPoetry – Seamless

Sound & Silence Live // FlowPoetry – Seamless

According to the oracle bones and cracked tortoise shells of Shang Dynasty divination (1700-1270 BCE), there exists 10 suns (Celestial Stems) and 12 moons (Earthly Branches).

The Chinese characters (oracle script) for these comprise some of the earliest examples of a written system of tracking time as a cycle.

In dreaming of these suns and moons and the never-ending spiral of time, FlowPoetry presents these ten poems loosely based on the notion of the time-transcendent rhythm of words. We hope you enjoy the tenth and final installment of this ten-part series.

Notes: The sputtering and popping of a candle….the pen moving over paper…these sounds exist because of the silence out of which they are born. Water flowing through rock and mountain rising under feet walking…the past and the future can only be thought of because of this present moment. I am a poet writing today about a moment in time long ago and the ink flowing out of my pen has connected this poetry to the never-ending cycle of time. I do not pretend to understand this but only to say that I am grateful for the opportunity to reflect upon it. Thank you to all who have followed along on this Mystery Of Sound series. Poem Nothing Being. Being Nothing Poem.


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